Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms
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yall, i got up at 4 something and went to work at 6am but then i gotht ther and they say i didnt have to go in until 1130. but now i going inat 930 and i just am so dont with today already.

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Matthew Gray Gubler: The Unauthorized Documentary [x]

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Dive In!


So after studying up as much as one can on the sugar bowl (the good, bad, and ugly) I finally made a profile on SA!! Why not right? The best way to expand my knowledge & put what I’ve learned to use is to apply it right? Exactly. I also want to go freestyling soon. I catch a lot of older men checking me out so that may be a good option too. I don’t want to limit myself. So let’s see where this new journey takes me *fingers crossed* !!

- Virgo 💋

same here! good luck, sweetness!

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Is contouring possible for dark skinned women?


Like this is really a dilemma of mine. I would describe my skin tone as Tika Sumpter adjacent. If anyone is in that range and contours let me know. Everything I’ve seen online only makes DS women look ashy. #nahson

You and I have about the same skin tone and I just use a dark-dark brown eyeshadow. I’m still in the learning stages of makeup but it does the trick. :}

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I just want all my OTPs to have to do the high school fake-baby project together.

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